NEU: NOE®liner

  • NOEliner textured formliners are only about 2 mm thick. They are therefore very easy to process and cut to shape using a CNC cutting plotter for example.

  • NOEliner anti-slip textures make concrete walking surfaces – such as this balcony floor slab – safer. The example shown here is the NOEliner "Sand".

  • The abutments on the Ecoduct Zwaluwenberg between Utrecht and Hilversum in the Netherlands are designed to widen the bridge opening at the top. The abutment walls depict stylised oak leaves and acorns, realised with the NOEliner texture "Sand".

  • Left with NOEliner, right without: the improvement with the use of NOEliner "Smooth" is unmistakeable.

NOEliner – ultra-thin textured formliners

Product presentation at BAU 2017 in Munich

For more than fifty years, NOE-Schaltechnik has been renowned on the market for its comprehensive selection of versatile textured formliners for creating particularly attractive concrete surfaces. The manufacturer has now added another innovation to its range: the NOEliner textured formliner series. The product will be presented for the first time at Bau 2017 in Munich. Outstanding in this new series is the NOEliner textured formliner "Smooth", which can be used to create exceptionally smooth concrete surfaces. Anti-slip textured surfaces, e.g. for balconies, stairs and landings, are a further possibility with other formliners in the series. NOEliner is particularly suitable for use in precast concrete works.

Ultra-thin and almost any length

NOEliner textured formliners are manufactured out of hard-wearing PVC and have fabric on the back to give them dimensional stability. They are only about 2 mm thick. All NOEliner textures are available in rolls in 50-cm increments up to a length of 50 m. The standard width is 300 cm.

NOEliner "Smooth" is also available in widths of 4.80 m and 5.80 m up to a maximum length of 10.00 m. As a result, up to 58.00 m² of NOEliner "Smooth" can be supplied in one piece!

To use these ultra-thin textured formliners, you simply stick them onto a supporting wooden board. The fabric backing ensures they bond very well to flat, smooth surfaces. On tilting or stationary precasting tables with a steel facing, the textured formliner needs only to be clamped firmly at the edges or held in place with the magnets that are used for the edge forms. NOEliner textured formliners can be used 15 to 20 times.

Slip resistance to DIN standard

Some of these NOEliner textured formliners were developed specifically for creating anti-slip walking surfaces on balconies, stairs, landings and in arcades. All NOEliner textured formliners are slip resistant in accordance with DIN 51130. The slip resistance is between R 11 und R 13, depending on the texture.

The creative side of the NOEliner series

The ultra-thin textured formliners open a wide field of creative applications to the designer. For example, they can be processed using CNC cutting plotters and laser techniques.

A beautiful example of this is the "Ecoduct Zwaluwenberg", a green bridge situated in the countryside between Utrecht and Hilversum in the Netherlands. The walls of the abutments are decorated with a relief, a stylised image of oak leaves and acorns. The simple, clear line pattern enhances the appeal of this motif. The lines vary in thickness and create the impression that they have been drawn with a calligraphy pen. This was done by attaching a self-adhesive film to the back of the NOEliner and then precisely cutting the required motifs to shape with a CNC-controlled cutter-plotter. The vector data required to do this were supplied by the architect, Bosch Slabbers Architekten, Den Haag. A total of 29 motifs were created. They were positioned like stickers on the supporting board with the help of the self-adhesive film. The boards were then placed into the forms and the concrete poured.

Interesting alternative

NOEliner textures are an interesting alternative for anyone who wishes to form high-quality concrete surfaces that  are safer to walk on or that sport a creative design.