NOE®liner Product information

  • Ecoduct Zwaluwenberg

    The abutments on a green bridge in Zwaluwenberg, the Netherlands, were created with the help of the new textured formliner series NOEliner from NOE.
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  • NOEliner – ultra-thin textured formliners

    Product presentation at BAU 2017 in Munich

  • For smooth concrete surfaces

    NOEliner Smooth, NOEliner Matt
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  • Anti-slip designs

    Anti-slip designs in accordance with DIN 51130
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NOEliner – Large-area textured formliners

For over fifty years, NOE-Schaltechnik has been a leading provider of textured formliners for forming and profiling concrete surfaces.

Some of these textured formliners were developed specifically for creating antislip walking surfaces on balconies, stairs, landings and in arcades.

The new NOEliner product range is precisely tailored for these applica-tions.

NOEliner textured formliners are manu-factured out of hard-wearing PVC and have a fabric backing. As a result, they bond very well when glued to flat, even surfaces. Another advantage is their very low thickness – approximately 2.0 mm.

For smooth concrete surfaces

Anti-slip designs

Available dimensions

NOEliner is available in rolls up to 50,000 mm long and 3,000 mm wide. The rolls can be supplied cut to length in 500 mm increments.

NOEliner Smooth is available in extra-large formats up to a maximum size of 5,800 x 10,000 mm as a special texture for consistently mirror-smooth surfaces.

Special widths, specially shaped parts and self-adhesive textured formliners on request.

Reuse potential

NOEliner can be used up to 15 or 20 times.


On request and at a charge, NOE can send out samples of NOEliner in a standard size of 1000 x 3000 mm in a card-board tube by DHL.