NOE®liner Accessories

  • Ecoduct Zwaluwenberg

    The abutments on a green bridge in Zwaluwenberg, the Netherlands, were created with the help of the new textured formliner series NOEliner from NOE.
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  • NOEliner – ultra-thin textured formliners

    Product presentation at BAU 2017 in Munich

  • For smooth concrete surfaces

    NOEliner Smooth, NOEliner Matt
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  • Anti-slip designs

    Anti-slip designs in accordance with DIN 51130
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NOEliner Rolling and cutting cart

For 3000 mm wide NOEliner rolls, suitable for intermediate transport, for example in the precast plant, with caster wheels, and transport by crane or forklift possible.

NOE special release agent

Most suitable for use on NOEplast textured formliners or as a release agent and for NOE R 110 circular formwork.
Good biodegradability according to CEC-L-33-A94.

30 liter canister Part no. 569720
5 liter canister Part no. 569730

NOE release agent with paraffin

Solvent-borne, liquid stripping wax, with high wax/paraffin proportion, developed specially for NOEplast and NOEliner textured formliners. It adheres excellently to the facing material.

30 liter canister Part no. 569810
5 liter canister Part no. 569820

Before removing any of the product from the container please ensure it is well mixed!
In NOEliner Formliners very thinly.